ARCHIVE: Scorched Earth

SCORCHED EARTH was a two-week research & development workshop conducted in 2012 with eight professional actors (Simon Kunz, Fraser James, Beth Cooke, Victoria Latham Kelly, Andy Cheung, Matthew Huggett, Minjeong Kim, and Jayne Dickinson), playwright Che Walker, director David Tucker, composer Anoushka Lucas, movement consultant Bonnie Oddie, and drug policy/history consultants Betsy Thom and Lisa Luger.
From this workshop Che wrote a work-in-progress script entitled ‘Scorched Earth’, a play which ranges from the 17th Century Opium Wars to the first mass production of Heroin at Bayer Pharmaceuticals in the 19th Century, all the way to broken families in today’s London, looking at the long-ranging effects that this powerful narcotic has had on different generations, nations and individuals.

Throughout the workshops, the team explored themes of addiction, including the history of narcotic drugs such as heroin, and the part that it plays in both public histories and the histories of individual lives.