FLIGHT: Hackney

The workshop came to Hackney in late October.  It had a large group of participants, with some from both Clapham and Southwark choosing to make the journey and continue their experience with the FLIGHT Workshops.

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One participant who attended both the Southwark and Hackney FLIGHT workshops was Lorraine:

“I have completed two drama workshops 1 @ Southwark one @ Hackney with FLIGHT. I was unsure at first as I’m not very confident with acting & writing. I found myself feeling really enjoying it. It built up my confidence my self esteem, my voice & ability work on my own & in groups. I was so overwhelmed to be able speak & act to an audience. It’s the best therapy I have ever had. My writing & imagination has improved now, and I’m still doing drama workshops & also sing in Choir with no Name. It has helped me through the most difficult year of my life.  It encouraged me to write this:

Saying Goodbye:
We were deciding if it was better if we were just friends. We poured our hearts out to each other. How we really felt, What hurt you? What hurt me? Did we hurt each other without meaning to? I felt so hurt that you couldn’t text or phone me. Yet all the time we spent together you was always on your phone! Watching TV! Drinking Stella, scrumpy jacks or Desperadoes, the odd Beck’s or Carlsberg & at least 40 Marlboro a day! I felt invisible, only hearing from you when I contacted you either by phone, which you didn’t always answer or coming to your house. It was very rare of late that you came to mine and the same thing happened. The texts& calls got less & so did the intimacy. I felt I was at the end of your list, everybody came before me. Your priority was your children I totally understand that but not after your ex wife friends & everybody else you did favours for and kept me waiting for what you promised to do for me! I came to the point of feeling worthless and used, just somebody you could have sex with. It was far too emotional for me. I’d had enough! I wish you well & that you look after yourself and go seek some help from your GP or hospital. My love for you was unconstitutional & always will be x You left without a kiss or saying goodbye.  I wish you a very happy life. Farewell my Golden Shrek Until we meet again.  Rest In Peace.”

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