[BLOG ENTRY – Clapham Participant]

Clapham participant Robert wrote this letter to himself after the workshop week:
“Dear Robert , I would like to thank you for participating in this marvellous play that will be taking place tonight in front of family & friends . Over the last 2 weeks you have made me proud of your involvement in this and you have meet 10 great people and 2 brillant teachers , whom i hope will be friends for life. The way you have handled yourself , what with the ardeline rush , the sweaty hands , the dizzy spells and the deaf ear Boom ! Your confidence is growing and i am sure tonight you & your friends will have a proper , pucka night.  The roles you have taken on from ” Have it” , to Oi get outta my pub” and the crazy dance ” my booty , my booty ” , just seeing yourself dance and your new friends having it , laughing , that memory will stay with me for life and as for my character seymour i wish him well in his recovery.
Thanks so much for getting well and always remember your my best friend.
Love Robert xxx “