FLIGHT: First Talks

In the first talks of each workshop, there are common themes that featured in every discussion.
Words like: fear, pressure, isolation, lost and trapped.  But most often, the word that had the most discussion was the word judgement.  This word seemed loaded with stories for all participants, with many saying that it stopped them from getting the help they needed sooner.

This poem was Southwark participant John’s reflection:

Throw that stone.

Throw that stone I dare you

Throw that judgement stone

And I’ll throw it straight back at you.
Making judgements from on high.

Throwing shadows upon who be I.

Judge me for the hurt I’ve done to others.

Not for the pain I’ve done to mine.

Assumptions and prejudices.

Prejudicial and detrimental.

No one has the light or even the right.

On another person’s soul.

We live in rooms filled with mirrors.

All we ever see is ‘we’.

So let’s smash those mirrors.

And the whole world is there for ‘us’ to see.
So throw that Stone.

Throw that stone, I dare you.

Throw that judgement stone.

And I’ll throw it straight back at you.