Workshop Games: Devising

Workshop plan for devising

  • Say your claim to fame

Go around the circle and ask each person to say a claim to fame, (it doesn’t have to be real, it can be something ridiculous!) For example, “I was actually supposed to be Jack Sparrow but I was ill that week for the auditions.”

  • Pass the dance

Keep everyone in the circle, play some music (if you don’t have music just get everyone to clap their hands in time) and one by one everyone goes into the middle and dances, (just has to be one move) and everyone else in the circle copies the movement.

  • Park bench

Set up two chairs to resemble a park bench, have one person already sitting on the bench, have another person sit on the bench – the idea is to get the first person off the bench, with an imaginative circumstance. The game continues until everyone has been the second person to sit on the bench.

  • Sharing our work

If anyone has written anything for the piece, ask them to read it out to the rest of the group. If they aren’t comfortable then someone else can read it for them, although encourage them to read it as their work should be credited.

  • Put it on its feet

Once everyone had read out their work and we have discussed it through, ask them to work together on how you would like to show this to an audience. Just imagine if today there was an audience, how would you want to perform your work.