Workshop Games: Building Confidence

The name game

Start by getting your group in a large circle so that everyone can see each other. Start with yourself and say your name and a fact about yourself.


Everyone in a circle, make splat guns with your hands, one person in the middle, the person in the middle is the shooter, when they point there gun at someone they must duck, the other two people beside them must then splat each other with their splat guns whilst saying splat! The first person to do so wins, the loser must sit down, and so on until we have a winner.

Keepy uppy

Get any type of ball that everyone has to work together for a team to keep up in the air, once they have got the hang of this, add music and tell the group that they have to keep the ball in the air to match the music tempo.

The three facts

Pair off in groups of two, sit down and tell each other three facts about yourself. Then your partner will tell the rest of the groups three facts about you.

Group trust

This is essentially the same idea as the trust exercise but it involves the whole group, one person in the middle and then the rest of the group cocoons them, everyone on the outside holds both of their hands in front of them, making sure there is no gap anywhere in the circle, then gently distributes the weight evenly.  To heighten this exercise asks the person in the middle to close their eyes.

The travel off

Set a certain distance across the room and get your group to travel the distance individually in the most imaginative way possible – suggest some masculine ways so the men feel comfortable, e.g. army crawl.

Public speaking

Hand out a piece of paper with a subject or an object on it, each member of the group has to stand up and speak for 15 seconds on the topic. You should analyse the performance so that the next person can take on each direction into their speech.

The electric fence

Set a piece of rope around two objects so that it is lifted and tight: make the rope the height of the hips of the tallest person in the group to ensure that no one can step over. You then have to create two groups with two team captains and figure out how to get your teams safely over the rope, no one is allowed to jump over the rope or crawl under it.

At the end of the workshop make sure you gather everyone around so that they can discuss what they thought about the workshop and give them personal feedback, also hand out the feedback forms. If you make feedback forms, make sure that they are quick and light so that people will do them.