Current Project: FLIGHT Workshops


FLIGHT was a series of workshops conducted in association with St Mungo’s Broadway Charity and other partner charities, working with three boroughs in London (Clapham, Southwark and Hackney) during September and October 2015.

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FLIGHT: Clapham
FLIGHT: Southwark
FLIGHT: Hackney.

“We believe these workshops can play an important part in the recovery journey, teaching new skills, building self-esteem, finding companionship and joy in self-expression. We hope to extend the work to further London boroughs, enabling many others to find their voice as powerfully as the participants in this film.” (David Tucker, Raging Calm Productions)

FLIGHT: The Film 
This documentary was filmed by our resident film-maker Chloe Plumb, and really captured the spirit of the three workshops.

Partner agencies were: Wandsworth Recovery and Outreach Service, St Mungo’s Broadway Recovery College, Hackney Recovery Services (run by WDP Westminster Drug Project) and Foundation 66  (part of Phoenix Futures Group). The workshops were led by facilitators Jeanette Rourke, Jim Pope, Che Walker, Vicki Kelly and Michael Amaning who sought to explore the subject of addiction with participants who have been directly affected.  The aim was to support rehabilitation, recovery and well-being through focused improvisation and play, which resulted in preparing a collaborative performance piece which combined the participants’ collective lived experiences alongside their imaginations; to create characters placed in fiction yet based on truth.

The workshop grew out of the company’s own work on devising a play about heroin for professional production, with a pilot workshop involving people whose lives had been directly affected by drug use in Camden in 2013. For the participants who found their voice through the workshop, it was a life-changing experience and the success of the pilot workshop convinced the company to extend this work to other London boroughs and also include a broader range of individuals who access an equally broad range of recovery services.